Tennis – Cristine Tchanichev


Cristine Tchanichev is a strong Belgian player for January 2023 (graduated June 2022).

Cristine is ranked 8.39 UTR:

She was also ranked 1002 in the ITF juniors and has now moved on playing ITF women´s tournaments.

I believe Cristine has huge potential. She can handle heavy topspin as a counterpuncher as well as create her own pace especially on the forehand. She has the right attitude and I count on her being close to 10 UTR in a year from now.

You can find her video on the following link:

GPA: around 3.2

DUOLINGO: 90 (can be retaken upon request).

SAT: exempt due to Covid

Cristine is looking to study business.

If you are interested, you can contact Cristine at: or get back to us for more questions or her transcripts.

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