Field Hockey – Lauren Relik

Field Hockey

Lauren Relik is a Belgian player for Fall 2023 (graduates June 2023).

Lauren´s home club is Royal Victory Hockey Club (Belgium) where she plays on the U19 honor division (highest) team as well as on the 1st women´s team who compete in the honor division (highest). She even played against the national women´s team of Italy 2 weeks ago with the 1st women´s team. They lost 3-0 but still a great result with her club team.

Lauren is also part of the development squad of the first women´s team allowing her to practice with these professionals once per week.

Lauren prefers the central midfield position but also has plenty of experience as a striker and left/right midfielder. Lauren has excellent endurance and speed. She even has better physical results than most of the professional players on the 1st team. Lauren has excellent tactical overview and is coachable. She has a good push pass and tackle back. 

GPA: around 3.3

SAT: 1050/1600 (Math: 550 English: 500). To be retaken on August 27.


Lauren is interested in studying business.

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