Manon Compagner: A Force to be Reckoned With in College Swimming


In the world of college swimming, there is a young athlete who is making a name for herself in impressive fashion: Manon Compagner. With a bachelor’s degree from Carson Newman University and an upcoming master’s in Media Management at Fordham University in New York in the fall of 2023, Manon is poised to be a star in university-level swimming.

Manon Compagner has always had a passion for swimming. Her talent and determination brought her to the United States, where she had the opportunity to participate in college swimming. Carson Newman University welcomed Manon with open arms and provided her with the perfect environment to develop and excel in her swimming skills.

Throughout her undergraduate studies at Carson Newman University, Manon Compagner has made her mark on the swimming scene. Her hard work and dedication have led to impressive achievements in both individual races and relays. She has numerous medals and records to her name, and her influence on the swim team is undeniable.

As she successfully completes her bachelor’s degree, Manon is now preparing for a new challenge at Fordham University. In the fall of 2023, she will begin her master’s studies, where she will continue her swimming career under the guidance of experienced coaches and talented teammates. Fordham University in New York offers her not only an excellent academic environment but also a platform to elevate her swimming talent to new heights.

The move to Fordham University is a milestone for Manon Compagner. It is a testament to her commitment to both her academic and athletic development. She has worked hard to improve her skills and endurance, and she is determined to take her swimming career to the next level.

Manon Compagner’s path in the world of college swimming has not been without support. She has been able to rely on the backing of coaches, fellow students, and her family throughout her journey. Their encouragement and guidance have helped her overcome obstacles and pursue her goals. She is also very grateful for the guidance of the sports recruitment agency Overboarder who arranged all of this for her.

As an emerging star in college swimming, Manon Compagner has a bright future ahead of her. Her talent, determination, and dedication make her a formidable competitor in the pool. She is determined to set new records, win medals, and continue to improve her swimming skills.

With her upcoming adventure at Fordham University on the horizon, the swimming world is eagerly anticipating what Manon Compagner will achieve. She has proven that she is ready for the challenges of college swimming, and her passion for the sport will undoubtedly lead her to even greater successes in the future.

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