From Antwerp to America: Brikke Decoster’s Golf Journey


Brikke Decoster, a passionate golfer from Brussels, has always been fascinated by the American dream.

After three years of studying and playing at Dominican College, he shares his insights about life, culture, and sports across the pond.

Sports Culture: US vs Europe

“The sports culture in America is truly unique,” Brikke explains. “Here, student-athletes are highly valued.

It’s not rare for fans to approach you on the streets just because you’re wearing your school’s colors.”

Europe is a different story, where juggling top-level sports and university studies can be challenging.

But in America, school and sports go hand in hand, allowing one to excel in both without any trade-offs.

First Steps in a New Land

The most challenging part for Brikke was the move itself.

Leaving Antwerp all alone and adapting to a new culture and language wasn’t easy. “Speaking English every day felt odd, especially in a country where I was entirely on my own.”

The Covid-19 pandemic added another layer of difficulty, with Brikke making the journey solo since his parents couldn’t join him due to travel restrictions.

A Passion for the Game

What draws Brikke to American sports culture is the dedication of his fellow athletes.

“Everyone is committed to being the best version of themselves, both on and off the field.”

And his most memorable moment in the US? “Winning a match with my team and making that game-changing 17-foot putt.”

Sports and Studies: A Winning Combination

Brikke believes America has an edge over Europe when it comes to balancing sports and studies.

His academic record speaks volumes: he’s pursuing a degree in Business Management and boasts an impressive GPA of 3.7.

A Second Family

What makes his journey truly special is the bond he’s formed with his teammates.

“They’re my family here, friends I’ll have for life.” Brikke’s story highlights the unique opportunities awaiting young athletes who choose to chase their dreams in the US.

With passion, determination, and a little support from Overboarder, dreams can indeed become reality.

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