Hilary Udechukwu: A Belgian Track Star Shining in America


Hilary Udechukwu’s journey from Belgium to the sprawling campuses of America is one to be admired. Three years ago, with the guidance of Overboarder, Hilary took the leap to New Mexico Highlands University. Her aim was to meld her passion for track and field with her academic aspirations. The outcomes? Nothing short of spectacular.

A Star on the Track and in the Classroom

Hilary has distinguished herself not just in athletics but also academically. Currently majoring in Political Science, she has plans to pursue law afterward. Her numerous athletic accolades in university underscore the Belgian fire and determination she brought to the US.

Life at New Mexico Highlands University

Situated in picturesque Las Vegas, New Mexico, New Mexico Highlands University is renowned for its top-tier academic programs and sports teams. It offers students a unique blend of world-class education and opportunities to perform at their sport’s pinnacle. The community is tight-knit, and students flourish in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

At Home in Two Worlds

While Hilary relishes the vibrant life in America, she cherishes her time back home in Belgium, where she spends four months every year. Straddling these two worlds has enabled her personal and professional growth. Moreover, the generous scholarship she received has significantly eased the financial strain for her and her family. In her words: “I’m deeply grateful to Overboarder for this opportunity. Without them, this dream would have remained elusive. Combining my studies with my passion for track in America has been the best decision of my life.” Hilary’s story is an inspiring testament to what’s achievable when talent and ambition meet the right guidance. At Overboarder, we take pride in aiding athletes like Hilary on their path to success. If you dream of a similar experience, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today!

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