OverBoarder helped me navigate between the different offers in order to find the ideal school. I can gladly say that I had a fantastic learning experience. I would not have been the player I am today without college golf!

Thomas Pieters

I found everything I wanted in the USA and I want to thank OverBoarder for always having my back. Even today they are always available when I need them. I cannot wait for what is to come!

Suus Altorf

As a parent of a daughter who is interested in a college swimming career in the USA there are a lot of hurdles and variables. Overboarder has done an excellent job in preparing and guiding us.
They made sure we had 30 different offers but most of all guided us through them to end up with the perfect university for Manon.
I would recommend everyone to use the expertise of Overboarder because if you do it by yourself you will end up making a lot of costly mistakes with NCAA, university choice, scholarship size,…

Jos Manning – father of Manon Manning

I wanted to go to the USA to combine university studies with a swimming career but I did not quite know where to start. OverBoarder helped me with all the necessary steps throughout the process and beyond. They are very nice people to work with and always give very fast and useful feedback.

Ruben Stam

At this moment I am in my 3rd year at the prestigious Wake Forest University combining my hockey and university studies. The decision to go to America is by far the best decision I ever made and I am very grateful to OverBoarder for having guided me to this amazing opportunity.

Anne van Hoof

Through referral I got in contact with OverBoarder and they explained to me through an informative appointment how everything works and what my possibilities in the America would be. They put together a profile with my video and communicated this profile to the coaches and it all went from there. They arranged everything to perfection and always responded right away to my questions.

Daevenia Achong

It has always been a dream for me to study in the USA. However, I had no idea how to realize this dream. I started my studies in France, and discovered later the service offered by OverBoarder. They found a team and an university for me, so that I could keep on studying without losing any time. They made sure my credits were transferred, so that I can graduate on time. I can’t thank them enough!

Clement Lefert

It is no secret: the best golfers in the world are in the USA. If I wanted to improve, I needed to go out there and play against them. OverBoarder helped me all the way, but most important they totally found what I asked for. I had very specific demands with regards to the university that I was looking for. Overboarder filled in all my desires. They were perfect!
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Thomas Detry

I have had the opportunity to take an official visit to five different schools over eleven days. They treated me like a king over there. The American coaches only care about your well-being, so that you can be at the top of your game. The whole trip was on the expenses of the universities and OverBoarder had arranged it all. I only had to choose at the end. What a luxury!

Aline Fobe

After what we achieved in China, we felt that we needed to take the next step and try the American experience if we ever wanted to reach the top 3 at the World Championships. The USA offer us all what we can dream of: unbelievable facilities, quality coaching staff, world class practice partners, and everything is on campus! Last but not least, we can keep on studying and graduate with an internationally recognized degree.
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Kevin & Jonathan Borlee